I feel like I’m a GENIUS!!! I recently discovered Egg White Protein, which honestly has been around for a while!

I’ve been a dietitian for over 20 years and my dietitian friends old enough to remember the days when tube feedings were actually real food made by a blender in the hospital kitchen used this stuff.

Protein powder has become so fancy these days that you forget that there’s one out there with ONE ingredient.

YES ONE!! Egg White Protein.

** Amazon Affiliate clause: This IS the actual Egg White Protein I use. And if you buy from this link I get some money from Amazon.

What makes it so amazing?? No flavor.

Now I’m not digging on anyone that sells or uses many of the mass marketed protein sources out there with their 25 ingredients including things like Amazon Jungle sourced juju berries (I’m completely making that up) and a slew of added vitamins and minerals rounded out with some ultra processed Stevia to make it palatable. Truly I’m not digging. Those products are perfect for the person that needs them.

My family though, more clearly, my uber picky eaters just need some flavorless, simple protein in their lives.

I even need some flavorless protein in my life. Sometimes this non-meat eating dietitian chick forgets there’s more than one macronutrient…carbs. Yum.

This stuff is perfect to add into smoothies, energy bites/balls and my recent GENIUS discover NUTELLA!! I even made a FB live video about it.

Quick recap of the video: Before your kids wake up or when you know for certain they won’t see you, scoop about 2-3 Tbsp of Nutella in a container. Add 2-3tsp of Egg White Protein and stir until if disappears. Voila!

You took an absolutely void of any nutritional value (minus the mere 2g protein it has) and full of sugar product that probably shouldn’t be in your house at all, but dang it’s so tasty and your kids will actually eat it so battle not fought and you’ve tripled the protein!

Mic Drop!!

My daughter loves to take this to lunch with a tortilla and strawberries and make her version of a Nutella crepe. And I’m just fine with this.

Some battles are worth fighting. Some are not.

One of my favorite meme’s went something like this:

“Parenting is knowing when to push the vegetables and when to order pizza..”

Hope this helped bring a new product in your life. Parenting is hard. Don’t over complicate it. Enjoy Food. Enjoy your Family. Enjoy your Life.

Misfit Hugs, Kim

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One of these days I’ll post my School Lunch cheat sheet too. So sign up and stay posted for that. Maybe by Christmas I’ll have my act together. Maybe. 

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