mis·fit: noun Someone or something that doesn’t fit in, or that is different from the rest.

Ever wonder why losing weight seems so hard? Or how confusing it’s become to eat?
What’s the best way: Paleo? Gluten free? Low fat? High fat? Keto? Vegan?
Does it really matter? You’ve tried most of them and got bored or HUNGRY after 3 days.
Wish you could just find something that worked for you like everyone else. Something easy! And not feel deprived!  

Where you could still eat pizza, your mom’s homemade lasagna and a donut.
Maybe instead of SOMETHING, you need SOMEONE?
SomeONE that knows how much you need to eat to lose weight without starvation, someONE that understands you hate counting calories, someONE that knows how much you love milk chocolate! (not just the “healthy dark stuff”)
Maybe you need a Misfit Dietitian that takes a different approach to nutrition.

Why I do it

Reason one

To STOP the insanity!! Food should NEVER be a source of shame. Save that for when someone catches you wearing pantyhose with open toe sandals.

Reason two

I see too many women suffering through diet fads, miserable that they’re missing out on their favorite foods or just giving up entirely vowing to start again in a month, only to be another 10 pounds heavier by years end. It doesn’t have to be that hard.

Reason three

Honestly I just care too much. I want all the people in my circle to be a healthier version of themselves. Whether I’ve known you for 2 minutes from the check out line or from gradeschool, I want YOU to thrive.


There’s an enticing option for every budget.

If you’d like to know more about each yummy plan

The Sprinkle

The donut

What my CLients say

And I didn’t even have to pay them to be this nice!!

“I love Kim’s whacky sense of humor. She really kept me accountable and was able to pull me to the bright side when I wanted to hide in my closet and eat.”
Monica B. | Administrator

“She was very easy to talk to, never made me feel silly or stupid, and helped me in areas that I struggled, such as how to plan ahead for a trip, how to deal with weekends that are less structured, and how to handle dining out to stay on track. ”
Emily C | Licensed Clinical Counselor

Wait!! I've Got Easy!!

Please don't leave without snagging your quick read copy of 3 Easy Peasy Tricks you can do NOW to avoid the weight gain creep! And yes, that's me eating a donut hiding in the bathroom. I promise I can be trusted.

Misfit Hugs!

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