Mis-fit: Square Peg in a Round Hole

Full Disclosure.

I don’t love donuts. I mean they’re good, however, I LOVE sprinkles. I’m a sucker for anything that’s topped with them.

Donuts just happen to be one of the best conduits.

Now that I’ve gotten through that confessional, you may be thinking “I bet she’s always been skinny. She probably has a great metabolism!”

I realized early on at the ripe age of 21, that was not me. I was doing a summer internship at a Merchant Marine Base in Piney Point, MD (don’t ask! But man I have some good stories). In those 6 weeks, I gained 6 pounds. 4 in my butt, 2 in my waist. So when I returned home, NONE of my shorts fit. In 6 weeks I was able to gain 1 size. That freaked me out.

From then on I realized like all the rest of the women in my family, I was not immune to gaining weight.

And from working with and listening to countless women say smugly “the last 5-10 pounds are the hardest to lose!” I vowed to keep my weight within 3 pounds. And it’s worked.

Plus I think it’s easier to teach healthy eating and weight loss techniques and tricks when you’ve been there.

I practice what I preach. And I have hiccups too. 

I want YOU to know MY world.

Where there’s no deprivation. No skipping meals. No starvation (I get hangry! You don’t want to starve me!)

Where there’s carbs. And fat. And sugar. And protein. And all the great stuff in between that make you feel awesome! And thinner.

There’s also no calorie counting. No written logs. No fancy apps.

But there’s LOTS of accountability.

LOTS of hand holding.

Lots of love.

The internet and real world is filled with countless weight loss programs and potions. Apps and Antics. Shakes and Supplements.

But Apps Don’t Care.

I Do.

misfit plans

Worried Misfit Nutrition won’t fit into your budget? You may be pleasantly surprised. Take a look at what each tantalizing option has to offer at these introductory rates.

The Sprinkle: $179

I LOVE this plan!! It’s the perfect way to test the waters and get results at the same time. We start with 45 minutes of some 1:1 time (that’s a fun way of saying consultation). You’ll get a customized breakdown of what your nutritional needs are to get to the weight you want. A sample meal plan on how to fit all that great nutrition and yumminess in and one whole week of daily check-ins. It’s like having your very own dietitian as your best friend and cheerleader everyday for 7 days!

The Donut: $549

NO HIDING ALLOWED! Also lovingly referred to as the Misfit Mini Method, this is a full month dive-in. You get what the Sprinkle has to offer. Here we use a tool called Image Based Dietary Assessments. That’s a fun way of saying lots of food pics are shared of what you are (and are not eating), plus additional menu ideas and recipes as you need so you don’t have to think about things like what’s for dinner. That’s 4 weeks of accountability each with an end week review to let you know where you did great, what was missing, why all those fat free, low calorie pickles you snacked on resulted in no weight loss for the week.

The Tiramisu: $1897

Holy Life Changing! This is the mac daddy of plans. This is perfect for the woman that needs to get serious. Where pre-diabetes (or newly diagnosed diabetes) exists. Where heart disease is rampant in your family genes. Where your weight has hindered your ability to go up a flight of stairs without stopping to catch your breath. This is where my clinical side comes out. Where labs are reviewed. Where clinical assessments are made. Where accountability lasts a full 4 months!! Recipes are shared, 3 day mini-challenges are done to see what your body best responds to and where tears are shed (in a good way! I promise!) HOLD UP!! WANT THIS ONE? YOU NEED TO EMAIL ME at Kim@MisfitNutrition.com. I want to make sure this investment is perfect for you!! 

All 3 plans are perfect for the Introvert who loves texting. You also must love a weird sense of humor and bad jokes.

For those with multiple food allergies, perpetual undiagnosed belly issues and stick in the muds, I may not be the dietitian gal for you.

If you have questions regarding me, my services and if they’re right for you, email away. I’d love to hear from you.

Oh and since each of these plans has an uber personalized factor and it’s just me, space for each program is limited. Don’t delay!

Got Questions? Email them to me here!

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