The Sprinkle: $165

I LOVE this plan!! It’s the perfect way to test the waters and get results at the same time. We start with 45 minutes of some 1:1 time (that’s a fun way of saying consultation). You’ll get a customized breakdown of what your nutritional needs are to get to the weight you want. A sample meal plan on how to fit all that great nutrition and yumminess in and one whole week of daily check-ins. It’s like having your very own dietitian as your best friend and cheerleader everyday for 7 days! Email me at

Wait!! I've Got Easy!!

Please don't leave without snagging your quick read copy of 3 Easy Peasy Tricks you can do NOW to avoid the weight gain creep! And yes, that's me eating a donut hiding in the bathroom. I promise I can be trusted.

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