Misfit Mini Method Flash Sale!!

First UP….What’s the Misfit Mini Method? 

To know about the Mini Method, you have to know a little bit of background about this Misfit’s signature Misfit Method. The one where Natalie from Virginia said “Best money I’ve spent in a long time!” The original Misfit Method is a 6 week, concierge, holistic program designed to master your vision of health, create a new loving relationship with food all while banishing mom jeans to the donation center for good (not just to the back of the closet). It has so much hand holding and accountability your kids might start calling me Aunt Misfit. It starts at $529.

This Misfit Mini Program is 4 weeks long. Happily runs right in between Thanksgiving and Christmas (11/26/18- 12/23/18 to be exact) and has the same holistic program set up but smooshed into 4 weeks. Instead of the over the top 1:1 you get with the signature program, this program relies heavily on Image Based Dietary Assessments and frequent messaging through a fun little app on your phone to keep that accountability present. Think of me as the good angel sitting on your shoulder during cocktail hour, not that pesky Uncle Steward telling you to “have another cheese ball! Just live a little.”

Here are the details:

Week 1: Setting the tone and Setting Boundaries

Creating the right mindset with vision homework.

This dietitian will assess you nutritional needs, gather anthropometric measurements, review your health related goals and vision work

Review how daily check ins using Imaged Based Dietary Records helps accountability.

Eliminating a few well studied culprits in our food supply (received AFTER your vision homework is done)

Week 2:  First Major Shift

Intermittent Fasting. We talk about how long fasting should be and how many days per week. And why longer or more does not equal better.

What foods or fluids that can be eaten during fasting hours so you’re not hangry.

Week 3: Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates have been blamed for much of our obesity epidemic. Is there a way to live with them that doesn’t deprive us, helps us gain control of cravings and lose weight? Oh Yes! And we’ll explore how much and WHEN to eat them.

Week 4: The E word…Exercise

Before you freak out, NONE of my exercise recommendations ever surpass 10 minutes. YES, I said 10 minutes. WHO has time for a spin class, cross fit, or even a long walk outside (where it might be flippin’ COLD) right before the holidays?!?! I’m all about realistic expectations. However, I’m also about lasting results. And unfortunately if you want weight to stay off, there ain’t one lick of research I’ve found that says exercise can be ignored. I know, I know!! I’m pouting too about that one. But I’m promise I’ll go easy on you. I did mention 10 minutes, right??

As I mentioned this does NOT come with any 1:1 consult time, however, all communication is via email or messaging via Healthie. You still get all the accountability with me virtually hovering over you and your nutritional needs including macro-nutrients calculated out.  With my Misfit Method 6 week signature plan starting at $529, this Flash Sale Mini Method for $249 is a steal!! Plus I know I won’t be offering this type of program again until 2019 after all the motivation of New Year’s Resolutions has worn off. And I can guarantee you it won’t be at this price. 

As with My Misfit Method plan, space is limited! I’m maxing out the Mini Sessions at 10.


And to Sweeten the Deal, I’m in the process of collaborating with a Meal Plan provider. Want in FOR FREE, Sign Up RIGHT HERE by Black Friday November 23, 2018 and take the guess work out of what to have for dinner.


Misfit Hugs and Gobble, Gobble, Kim



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