Tiramisu: $697

This is the mac daddy of plans. This is perfect for the woman that needs to get serious. Where pre-diabetes (or newly diagnosed diabetes) exists. Where heart disease is rampant in your family genes. Where your weight has hindered your ability to go up a flight of stairs without stopping to catch your breath at the top. This is where my clinical side comes out. Where labs are reviewed. Where clinical assessments are made. Where accountability lasts a full 3 months!! Recipes are shared, 3 day mini-challenges are done to see what your body best responds to and where tears are shed (in a good way! I promise!)

Wait!! I've Got Easy!!

Please don't leave without snagging your quick read copy of 3 Easy Peasy Tricks you can do NOW to avoid the weight gain creep! And yes, that's me eating a donut hiding in the bathroom. I promise I can be trusted.

Misfit Hugs!

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