The Donut (AKA The Misfit Mini Method): $549

This is a full month dive-in. You get what the Sprinkle has to offer. Here we use a tool called Image Based Dietary Assessments. That’s a fun way of saying, lots of food pics are shared of what you are (and aren’t eating). plus additional menu ideas and recipes as you need so you don’t have to think about things like what’s for dinner. That’s 4 weeks of accountability each with an end week review to let you know where you did great, what was missing, why all those fat free, low calorie pickles you snacked on resulted in no weight loss for the week. And of course you’ll get some extra 1:1 time right when you need it.

Wait!! I've Got Easy!!

Please don't leave without snagging your quick read copy of 3 Easy Peasy Tricks you can do NOW to avoid the weight gain creep! And yes, that's me eating a donut hiding in the bathroom. I promise I can be trusted.

Misfit Hugs!

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