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3 Thanksgiving Tips, Misfit Style.

This Thanksgiving tips post was originally written 2 years ago, but it still makes me laugh. Plus I tweaked it a bit. Some leftovers are better the next day. Happy Thanksgiving!! Let’s face it, Thanksgiving is known to start off the glutinous season of merriment,...

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Intermittent Fasting: A Misfits perspective.

I was joking around with a friend the other day that I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for as long as I can remember when it was called “skipping meals”. In fact intermittent fasting is part of My Story. You know the story others tell about you when they knew you...

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I Stopped Dreaming; Part 2

If you missed Part 1 "pre-trip" you might want to read that one first here. Although you won't be completely lost if you dive right in now. It’s amazing what an airplane ride alone for pleasure can do to ones soul. Scratch that. I don’t think you need an airplane...

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I stopped dreaming. Now what? (Part 1)

Warning. This is more of a "Misfit Love" post. One that has little to do with nutrition but mostly about my personal thought bubbles that still usually revolve around some aspect of wellness; usually mental wellness or perhaps even the lack of it. So this title might...

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Still Surrounded by Halloween Candy? Try This!

Kit Kats. Snickers. M&M's. The candy surrounds us all. Gobs of it. Bags of it. "Hidden" from view. But we all know where it is. We can smell it. My sleep deprived eyes yearn for it. Have you had it with Halloween candy yet? I have. Empty wrappers hidden in sock...

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Diabetes and Halloween: Where Moderation is a Scary Word

FYI- This is an oldie but timely goody from 2016 when I focused mostly on diabetes prior to becoming a Misfit. It's still fun though! Enjoy!! I’ve never been a big fan of the word moderation. I find it very misleading.  Moderation gives you no concrete answers. It...

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Self Love and a Psychic

This post is a little left of center for Misfit Nutrition this week. Please bear with me. First, I loathe the words “Self Love”. It’s right up there with “Exercise”. Eww! For me it’s just one more thing on the never ending “To Do” list. “Take time for yourself.” “Put...

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School Lunches: Bring Back the Monotony or NOT

It's back to school time! I must admit, I'm torn between getting my house back and having extra sweet time exploring life with my 3 little munchkins (ie. sleeping in a tad). The one thing I DO NOT MISS though, is packing lunches. Three to be exact. It's a dread. Like...

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Wait!! I've Got Easy!!

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