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The Weight Gain Creep and Why you Can’t Tell my Husband.

My husband’s going to hate me for this! Please don’t tell him about this post. In one of my community speaking engagements at work last year, I started off talking about “The Creep”. You know that slow weight gain that seemingly comes out of the blue that we never...

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This Week We Pause for Joy, Peace and Love.

If you’ve known me for a while, you’ll remember not too long ago I was blogging under A site and business I created for the working professional woman with Type 2 diabetes. It was actually through my writings did I realize I created a biz that did not...

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Hit a Weight Loss Plateau? Eat Chocolate Cake!

It’s crazy to think I’ve been a practicing dietitian for almost 20 years. Wasn’t it just a few years ago I was in grad school, hitting up the clubs on the weekend with my girl friends, telling the bar scene boys that I made neuticals for a living? Yes… I said...

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What’s for dinner? Nutrition Hidden in Disguise.

Here at Misfit Nutrition, I do things different. Oh I know the key words that people love to here: Paleo, Clean, Gluten Free, Low carb, High protein, maybe even Vegan but I’ve never been a big fan of promoting the latest trends; nor following them. Oh yes, I may have...

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Meal Plans and Weight Loss: The Honest Story

For almost 20 years I’ve been talking about weight loss and the essential meal plan. I honestly didn’t even know I was talking about meal plans initially. I thought it was a combination of bad pick-up lines and free advice. Typically it was at the library, grocery...

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Day 7: Delete your Most Touched App for 24 hours.

Is it Facebook? Instagram? Words with Friends? Yahoo News? Or maybe even The Weather Channel? What's your favorite App on your smart phone or tablet device? You know the one that you gravitate to when you have a few minutes. The one you check when waiting in a long...

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