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Day 7: Delete your Most Touched App for 24 hours.

Is it Facebook? Instagram? Words with Friends? Yahoo News? Or maybe even The Weather Channel? What's your favorite App on your smart phone or tablet device? You know the one that you gravitate to when you have a few minutes. The one you check when waiting in a long...

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Day 6: Time to write that Letter.

Just like on opening Challenge Day where you CALLED that loved one instead of texted, it's time to dust off the paper. It's time to write a letter.  No need for fancy stationary or fine point pens. Have you ever really paid attention to the paper after you read the...

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Day 5: Write out 3 things that make you Happy.

Don't we all strive to be happy?  I know I do. And I'm usually happy when I go to bed and count by blessings. But I'd be lying if I said I only went to bed with happiness on my brain. The brain typically also contains guilt; mom guilt, wife guilt, professional guilt...

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Day 4: Drink a cup of coffee or tea in silence. Be BORED!

Before you tell me “I don’t like coffee or tea”, let’s just remember this has nothing to do with a cup of coffee or tea. It’s about Noise Reduction. It’s about letting your brain wander. It’s about remembering what it’s like to be bored for 15 minutes! However, coffee...

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Day 3: Go OUTSIDE for 5 minutes and LISTEN.

If you happen to live in the Midwest or East Coast, being outside was NOT something you were probably doing on purpose. If you were, I’m sure you were covered head to toe in some kind of thick, down material. Single digit temperatures are just plain wrong. I don’t...

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Day 2: READ the newspaper. A PAPER copy.

Are newspapers really a dying industry? Will the newspaper be replaced entirely by electronic copies? Is it too late? I hope not. This was something I truly enjoyed before I had kids and then after but before they could move. There was something calming about taking...

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Day 1: CALL someone you love.

Have you ever lost someone so close, it took your breath away? Would you give anything just to hear their voice again? Have you ever picked up the phone to dial their number? That is what Day 1 is all about. Personally I rely on texting and emailing too often. It's...

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Exercising: Another Reason (Excuse) Not to Start

If you're new to Misfit Nutrition, you'll quickly learn this dietitian does NOT like exercising. No need to get me confused with MISS FIT. And if we ever end up working together, yes they'll be exercise in your plan, but there won't be no hour long, crazy boot camp,...

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