Misfit: A person who just can’t seem to fit in, no matter how hard they try.

Long story short

I tried to be a traditional dietitian. Someone that was starchy. Who didn’t stray far outside the lines of what was taught to me about nutrition in graduate school. Who wore a white lab coat and carried a clip board. Who passed out dozens of hand-outs.

But it made my skin crawl. And it made my patients fall asleep.

So one day I stopped.


At any chance I could get, I was explaining the science behind diabetes like I was auditioning for Sister Act. I was telling bad nutrition jokes just to get a laugh. I was sneakily sharing sprinkled covered donuts with non-dietitian co-workers.

And what I noticed is that my patients no longer fell asleep. And more importantly, my non dietitian, donut eating co-workers were asking for nutrition advice.

Why did they trust me? I eat donuts.

Then it dawned on me. That’s exactly why!

I’m a skinny dietitian, who knows her sh*t that still eats donuts! (Oh and by the way, I loathe exercise too. I do it, not as much as I should, but really only to eat more.)

And through the years of working with countless people on weight loss, diabetes control and bad hearts, I’ve learned several things:

We love our food!

We really want to change but not always sure how!

We want help!

We want a cheering squad when it gets tough.

Just hold my hand. (So I don’t grab that margarita.)

Make it easy.

And for the love of God please let it taste good!! Want to reach me? Be direct and email me at kimleneghan@gmail.com

Wait!! I've Got Easy!!

Please don't leave without snagging your quick read copy of 3 Easy Peasy Tricks you can do NOW to avoid the weight gain creep! And yes, that's me eating a donut hiding in the bathroom. I promise I can be trusted.

Misfit Hugs!

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