Back to school snacks were tackled recently by my cooking club; as in yesterday! I scoured the internet looking for healthy-ish recipes that my kids would eat either during school or after. You know that crazy kind of hunger kids get when they don’t eat half their lunch and are “STAAAARRRRVVVING” when they come home?

Mine typically bee-line it for anything made of refined, simple carbs.

They were introduced to processed food way too early in life, as was their dietitian mom so finding something that I though we would all enjoy was a challenge. We are not the 2 ingredient banana pancake type household. We are boxed, just add water all they way, heavy handed with the chocolate chips.

Here are 3 recipes we tackled last night. I’m sure we could have made more but there was wine. And gin and tonics. And Old Bay shrimp all prior to starting.

My Cooking Club. My Therapy. My Rules. No kids..usually.

First up was the No Bake Oatmeal Energy Balls from We went with the double chocolate option and used maple syrup as our liquid sweetener of choice. I made another energy ball recipe today with the almost 4 year old. Honestly I like that one better so be on the look out for a School Snacks part deux coming here soon.

Recommendations for this one….amazing cocoa. This was gifted to me by a formal client of mine. (Yes, I have amazing customers that send me chocolate!) Oh and this post contains Amazon Affiliate links which means I get a little bit if you buy a little bit. 

I was in charge of this Low-Carb Lemon Blueberry Blender Muffin from Wine and chatting with friends definitely slowed me down from making these in 5 minutes. And I must admit, I forgot the lemon juice. But boy I was a zesting fool! I used my favorite mini-muffin pans which are a half sheet of 12 mini muffins vs a jumbo pan of 24. This recipe yielded me 36 muffins. I decreased the cooking time to 10 minutes.

This was my first go around with almond flour. So I’m not sure if they were suppose to have a corn bread consistency to them or not. Next time I’d probably do half almond, half white whole wheat flour. Oh and I’d remember the lemon juice.

And our final Catawba Cooks recipe for the evening was Allergy- Friendly Chocolate Caramel Tahini Chex Bars from Ambitious Kitchen. This was the recipe that inspired me to buy tahini which I’ve never cooked with, baked with or tasted.

Let’s cut to the chase, straight out of the fridge freshly made it was ok. Later today though, not so much. If you’re use to the bitter edge tahini has, than this was good. My 8 year old ate the chocolate tops. We all agreed that mixed with a different kind of nut or seed butter would have been better (and possibly we could have added less sweet to cover the tahini taste).

I wanted to love these! But I didn’t.

Do you have any school snack recipes you’d like to share, please send them my way.

I did try a zucchini fudgy brownie recipe today as well, however, it’s one of those recipes I have to eat half the pan to decide if I like them or not. I’ll share next time.

Misfit Love, Kim

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