My husband’s going to hate me for this! Please don’t tell him about this post.

In one of my community speaking engagements at work last year, I started off talking about “The Creep”. You know that slow weight gain that seemingly comes out of the blue that we never seem to lose. I used my husband as an example. We met in 2002. He was 180 pounds. 6 years later when we got married 186 pounds. This past year, he wouldn’t let me look at the scale when he got on. But I could tell you he breathed in a little deeper when he was buttoning his pants. Ok… It was 192 pounds. I peaked.

No one wakes up one morning and says “14 years from now I want to weigh 12 more pounds!”

In fact, many people I know, especially my clients or patients say things like:

“I’d kill to be my weight 10 years ago when I thought I was fat. Heck, 20 years ago I’d be calling myself skinny.”

So how does slow weight gain happen and more importantly what can it do to us? It’s what I call The Creep. That little by little feeling that pants don’t fit right, sweaters are tighter or your underwear shrunk. And yes a big culprit is the holidays which essentially I swear are never ending! People tend to think that gaining weight over the holiday is the norm and in the tune of 2-5 pounds per year.

Thankfully that number is overestimated. The average weight gain is closer to ½ -1 pound.

However, the bad news….. you don’t lose it.

The years truly pass by in a blur especially if you have children where you think 5 pounds isn’t so bad, I can lose that tomorrow. But you don’t. And lives change. Your physical activity changes. Your hormones change. Finishing off your kids dinner happens. And then before you know it, it’s not just 5 pounds anymore. So what does that do to your body other than make you loosen a belt notch or spend more time in yoga pants? Well for my husband it meant an extra blood pressure medication. For others it’s an additional cholesterol lowering agent. And for too many of my patients it goes from a normal “see ya at next year’s physical” to “you have pre- diabetes.” Or worse from having only a family history of diabetes to now having diabetes. When I first wrote this article and I peeked at my husband’s weight it was 189. It capped off at 192 when he finally said enough is enough. And he wanted his doctor off his back.

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Misfit Hugs, Kim

Ps. That’s NOT a picture of my hubby’s belly!


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