On January 8th we embarked on 7 days of Noise Reduction.

Stepping out of the norm of planking, wall squatting, yoga. You name it. Personally I wasn’t quite ready yet to start working out yet. Yes. That’s another form of procrastination that I brought you along with. Remember that post just last month! It’s here if you missed it.

We also purposely avoided even talking about food. Raise your hand if you weren’t quite ready to dump the leftover Christmas (or HALLOWEEN!) candy.

Even though January is synonymous with gym memberships, new trendy diet cookbooks and especially gadgets (can we all scream INSTAPOT), Misfit Nutrition decided not to go there.

We needed to start in our heads. We needed to clear out a little noise. Perhaps some may call it “mindfulness”.

Whatever you call it: noise, clutter, being over scheduled it’s ultimately lead to distraction upon distraction of the little things that are important. 

That quick phone call to say hello instead of a text.

Sitting down to read the paper.

Going outside on purpose to listen.

Holding your favorite cup of tea or coffee in your hand in silence.

Remembering what makes you happy.

Writing a letter.

Deleting that time sucking app, even for just 24 hours.

I loved them all.

This was one of my favorite challenges and I’ve lead a few. In fact, I plan on bringing this one back again at least once, if not twice before our next Happy New Year!

Perhaps the shocker was how hard it was for me to sit for 15 minutes doing nothing except enjoy my hot tea. By myself. I also wasn’t expecting how much I enjoyed being outside in the cold, on purpose. Talk about head clearing and feeling refreshed.

What was your favorite day? And why?

I look forward to sharing many challenges with you at Misfit Nutrition. Please share and spread the Misfit Love. Big things are coming in 2018!! Thank you for joining!!

Misfit Hugs, Kim