If you’ve known me for a while, you’ll remember not too long ago I was blogging under KimLeneghan.com. A site and business I created for the working professional woman with Type 2 diabetes.

It was actually through my writings did I realize I created a biz that did not fit my goofy personality. A brand which didn’t quite attract the starched shirt, suit wearing women I envisioned being my clients. Thus Misfit Nutrition was born. And oh how I love her. (If you happen to be a starchy suit kind of gal with Type 2 DM, I’d gladly work with you. However, you must LOVE bad jokes and good humor.)

Last year, almost to the date I wrote a blog post titled “Week 10: Time to Read a Book”. We were in the middle of a 12 week challenge, where each week we were eating less of this, drinking none of that. But I paused for Joy. You can read the article here.

Week 10 coincided with the weekend scheduled for my Aunt Joan’s memorial. The matriarch of our family who passed away from Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, less than 1 year from her initial diagnosis. I can’t believe it’s been a year already. I wasn’t expecting to cry writing this. (and yes, that’s a picture of her above) Her memorial service was awe inspiring. Not only were we surrounded by family, friends, co-workers from all over the states there was this peace and love that resonated whenever a Joan story was shared. I even got to add a few closing remarks at the church service “WWJD”. However, it was geared toward “What Would Joan Do?” She seemed to have the answer for everything.

So this Pause for Joy is a similar reflection to last year’s challenge to read. Actually, I believe last year’s challenge week had to do something that brought you joy. And for me, it’s reading.

How often do we put off what brings us joy because the chaos of life gets too crazy?  How often do we even remember what brings us joy anymore?

Unfortunately with great sadness, I’ll be joining my family once again this week to memorialize the passing of my cousin. A phenomenal person who left behind a young family. Despite the grief and the ugly cry I know that will come (again), I’m looking forward to once again being surrounded by my family, my cousin’s friends and coworkers looking for peace and love.

I’m also going to be making a conscious effort to instill more joy in my life this week. I’ve already got my book picked out.

What brings you joy? Let me know below. 

Misfit Hugs, love and peace, Kim