Is it Facebook? Instagram? Words with Friends? Yahoo News? Or maybe even The Weather Channel?

What’s your favorite App on your smart phone or tablet device?

You know the one that you gravitate to when you have a few minutes. The one you check when waiting in a long line. Or perhaps during your kids practice. Or when you’re having your morning coffee.

Either way, our devices have made it really easy for us to forget how to be bored. There’s always something to look at. Always something to read or watch.

Many moms like me tend to love this mindless activity. We feel It gives our brains a break from all the internal constant scheduling going on. And not just scheduling but the entire logistics of running a house hold. Again why does everyone have to eat so many times?!

Remember the first post I wrote describing how on my way back from church I was listening to a business radio program and the lady talked about the importance of boredom? It’s here if you missed it. This is her idea. She encouraged people she was working with to delete their most touched phone app for 24 hours. What these people that complied noted was that how much they relied on those square buttons on their gadget of choice to fill their time.

It was a form of addiction. 

Once they realized the dependence they had created with that App several people choose to keep it off their phone or tablet for years. I’m not sure that’ll be me.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you can never check Facebook or Instagram again. I’m just saying you have to take the longer approach to type it in the search engine.

Frankly I was quite taken back on how hard Day 4, drinking a cup of tea in silence was for 15 minutes. I’m anticipating this one to be equally challenging. I’m actually quite apprehensive about it.

Personally I’m addicted to my Facebook App. It’s the first thing I check while still in bed after I turn off the alarm. I justify doing this morning ritual to wake up my brain quicker. I then check it again while brushing my teeth. And I’m certain if I had a checker on my phone that told me how many times I opened the app, I’d be in the 50+ usage range.

Even my mom who is not tech savvy at all, it’s the 3rd thing she does in the morning after her coffee drinking and journal writing regimen. Then it’s a minimum of an hour spent on her ipad watching videos, most I believe from The Weather Channel. I know that if I removed the app, she’d never be able to find it on her own again.

So join me again on the last day of our 7 day Noise Reduction challenge. And let me know your favorite, most touched app.

Misfit Hugs, Kim