Just like on opening Challenge Day where you CALLED that loved one instead of texted, it’s time to dust off the paper.

It’s time to write a letter. 

No need for fancy stationary or fine point pens. Have you ever really paid attention to the paper after you read the words? Do you even remember what color ink was used? Or just that you received that one special letter you hold dear before your aunt passed.

This past Christmas I came across several letters and cards from years passed that I still can’t muster to throw out. It’s something about the swirling cursive or block penmanship that is so unique to each person. To each memory.

If words aren’t your thing, feel free to send a “I’m just thinking of you”. But please add a personalized line or two.

Or perhaps you received a gift, no matter how big or small, but that Thank You letter was never sent. And if so, it was in the form of a text.

What would YOU prefer? A text that took seconds to read, lost in the other messages of the day. Or that Thank You card waiting on the kitchen table in a heaping pile of mail waiting for you to comb through.

I personally love getting mail that’s not in the form of a bill or advertisement. I have enough credit cards, thank you very much.

Didn’t you love getting all those Christmas and Holiday cards? I did. I always do. What I love the most though, is that little extra line written. I usually read it a few extra times. And I take in the hand written signature too; no matter how messy.

So send someone some happiness.

Send them your signature.

Leave them something to remember you by. 

Sending Misfit Hugs, Kim