Don’t we all strive to be happy? 

I know I do.

And I’m usually happy when I go to bed and count by blessings. But I’d be lying if I said I only went to bed with happiness on my brain. The brain typically also contains guilt; mom guilt, wife guilt, professional guilt that I didn’t get enough accomplished or wasted too much time on Facebook. Resentment that my time never seems to be my own (or again, wasted on social media when I did get a few minutes). And then let’s throw in some irrational fear and anxiety for good measure.

Here’s the thing with TRUE happiness though. At least for me. I have to remind myself what makes me, KIM, happy.

There’s been so many times when I’ve felt like Julia Roberts in Run Away Bride. I’d be clueless as to what my favorite egg dish was. Scrambled? Fried? Poached? (ok, definitely not poached).

Sometimes it’s easier to just go with the flow. Especially if you’re a mom. It’s easier to do things, eat things, arrange things that coincide with your children and make THEM happy. Screw the happy wife, happy life saying. If the kids ain’t happy, NOBODY is happy. Enter endless whining. NO THANKS! Not worth it!

Reflection time.

Can you think of 3 things that truly make you happy? Just you. “Deserted island you.” Independent of any one else. 

Write them down either in your phone, on a sheet of paper or post them right here in the comment section.

Now when was the last time you did one of those things? 

If it’s been more than 1 week, you bought yourself a Bonus Day 8.

It’s time to remember what makes us Happy!

Thanks for joining along on this Misfit journey. Misfit hugs, Kim

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Some short but really really tempting headline.

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