Before you tell me “I don’t like coffee or tea”, let’s just remember this has nothing to do with a cup of coffee or tea. It’s about Noise Reduction. It’s about letting your brain wander. It’s about remembering what it’s like to be bored for 15 minutes!

However, coffee and tea has the potential to be calorie free (thus guilt free). But even if you need to sweeten it up a tad, that’s ok. There’s something about holding a hot beverage in your hand in your favorite mug that is immediately calming.

I once heard somewhere, yes probably on NPR, that the best way to diffuse a negative conversation is to hand someone a cup of coffee in a mug with a rounded bottom. I’m sure it works. So if you’re a captain of industry and field complaints all day long (at least in person), start by handing them a hot cup of joe.

In fact, try it out yourself when you find your brain swirling in anxiety ridden thoughts. Can you really think about the kids slamming their face on a wrought iron table that’s recently been de bubble wrapped for 6 years? (That’s my current ridiculous fear that I can’t shake if you’re wondering where I came up with that one). However, when I’m holding my favorite cup just for a few minutes, those thoughts never enter my head.

But when was the last time you treated yourself to drinking even a glass of wine in silence? Where you didn’t scroll through your phone parked in front of the TV, pick up one of the magazines stacked in the corner or even catch up on the day’s events with your partner?

My typical evenings are spent with my tea, in my favorite mug (don’t you dare think about touching it) in front of my computer, half hunched over. I’ve got a company I’m trying to get off the ground. I ain’t got time for a bored brain! Or do I? Supposedly it’s when you are bored for extended periods of time does your brain come up with creative, juicy ideas. Given that Misfit is all about the random, weird stuff that is born in my brain, this is super important to me.

And trust me. It is for YOU too!

Still stuck on the coffee or tea part? Try folding the laundry in silence instead of catching up on the last DVR’d episode of Fixer Upper. NOW that’s also a lesson in willpower! I love me some Chip and JoJo!

Thanks for joining me in silence. I’d love to see a pic of your favorite mug. Make sure to watch out for a pic of mine on the Misfit Nutrition FB page!

Misfit Hugs!