Are newspapers really a dying industry? Will the newspaper be replaced entirely by electronic copies? Is it too late?

I hope not.

This was something I truly enjoyed before I had kids and then after but before they could move. There was something calming about taking those few minutes after work, to sit and read the paper. To stretch out my arms, hidden behind an ashen flimsy shield; filling my brain with someone else’s words, slight opinions (because really, has American newspapers ever really been free of bias) and feeling just a tad more worldly in my humble apartment or home.

And if I happened to be on a long flight on a Sunday, the New York Times was the ultimate luxury. That’s one heck of a paper. Novel sized. Just writing this, I’m tempted to book the next cheap flight out of dodge, The Times tucked under my arm, just to jump the return flight home the very same day. 

I relished the ink stained fingertips I’d have after combing through a few pages.

And let’s be honest. I just felt smarter. And I felt like I looked smarter too. (Heck, fake it until you make it. Right?)

Now the newspaper gets poked out of my hands by other little hands. Or it’s used to protect the kitchen table during finger paint play.

Today it piles up in the snow covered driveway to be repeatedly driven over. I barely make the attempt anymore to bring it into the house. It usually goes straight into the recycling container in the garage. My husband barely notices its absence. He’s too busy refreshing his Yahoo news app on his phone.

And that’s where the disconnect starts. No longer shared sections and dialect. No “did you see the Taste Section, let’s have THAT for dinner”. No more “I left the section open on new health insurance regulations, what did you think?”

And just like texting on our phones has taken over calling someone (see yesterdays post here if you missed it), our phone apps have taken over the newspaper. And we all know, once the phone “has us” even if it’s to “educate” ourselves with the latest current events, it’s the black hole of time management and face to face conversations. And please don’t get me started on the validity of what’s being portrayed as news. Although, if you saw an article shared on Facebook, it HAS to be true. 

So join me today as I read the newspaper. Void of others comments at the bottom of a screen. Void of pop up advertisements. Void of “noise” that comes from sensationalized video follow ups, sure to keep you engaged longer than intended.

Time to get your fingers dirty, sit in your comfy chair, open your arms wide and get lost in your favorite section; if only for a few quiet minutes.

Thanks again for joining me.

Misfit Hugs, Kim