Have you ever lost someone so close, it took your breath away?

Would you give anything just to hear their voice again?

Have you ever picked up the phone to dial their number?

That is what Day 1 is all about.

Personally I rely on texting and emailing too often. It’s just plain easier. That and I always have the fear I’m interrupting someone. Have you ever felt that way? Scared to call someone that’s in your circle of love, because you think they’ll be ticked at you for ringing their phone in the middle of…..

That’s usually my primary reason I hold off from actually dialing a phone.

The second reason is kids. There’s so much truth in “your children will ignore you until you’re on the phone”. And i remember my pre-kid days all too well and trying to talk with friends with kid(s). (And it doesn’t matter if there’s one or a gaggle, they all make the same amount of disruption). The parent constantly apologizing for the interruptions, the half listening, the inadvertently yelling in my ear as they’re telling little Sally to not put the baby or the puppy in a choke hold.

And finally, convenience. I often make excuses that I can’t call my sister, friend, cousin, mom and so forth because I don’t have a giant chunk of time carved out for one simple conversation. I’m always in motion, either at my desk, between school pick-ups and activities, dinner making, bath time and the list goes on. Then before you know it, it’s 9:30p and now you really may be interrupting the friend who finally got her kids to sleep after the 17th “I’m thirsty” and she’s DONE. In a half vegetative state, willing herself to stay up and spend “quality time” with her spouse watching Breaking Bad as she scrolls through her newsfeed.

It’s during these minuscule moments that we’ll have seemingly “real” conversations that take seconds to type out and can last as long as you like; depending how quickly each of you answer. And the best thing, you can have multiple conversations going on at the same time with several people “on the line” as well.

Multi-tasking at it’s finest.

But what if that person you haven’t actually heard their voice from in too long was gone. What if that sweet uncle that always sent you $5 for your birthday (who has a flip phone) never woke up. Or that best friend from high-school that you’ve been saying for years you were going to call and catch up but never got the chance.

No one likes to fill their lives with regrets, but yet, we do. Little ones at least. It’s natural.

Today, we’re going to remove this one off the table.

Today, you will CALL someone on the phone. If only to say “I have 3 minutes before I pick up the kids from school and I just want to say hi and hear your voice”. Today is THAT day. No more excuses.

For me, the hardest part will be picking one person. I have so many people on this list. So many voices I want to hear just in case.

Thank you for joining me this week. Let’s clear out the meaningless noise together and replace it with the sounds we’d like to hear.

Misfit Hugs, Kim