First, the words clean eating are a bit of a pet peeve of mine. I’ll save that for a FB rant or another post. No one wants to hear me rant, most importantly me. I like FUN.

Next, let me apologize that this post is not about meal planning. I promise it’s coming. But a much deserved warm weather vacation is on the near horizon. And I didn’t want to talk meal plans without being in the trenches with you. That’s not fair.

Would you ever trust a personal trainer who didn’t know a dead lift from a squat?

I wouldn’t.

Or a vegan chef who hated vegetables?


So why trust a dietitian who eats donuts, has 3 young kids who occasionally eats pasta out of a can and is not a fan of exercise? Who longs for a pizza night in, after a crazy week of soccer lessons, swim practice and back to back evening meetings?

Because if that’s your life too, I get it.

But after almost 20 years of being a dietitian, I know a lot of tricks so my skinny, pre mom jeans still fit.

I know what works, what fades after 3 days and what’s worth trying again and again and again until it becomes habit.

Meal planning is part of that.

BUT…. Like I mentioned, there’s a few things we need to do first.

Time to CLEAN!

Did you know a messy kitchen can lead to overeating? Yep. It’s been studied. I actually wrote about it first in my former website. Here’s a few excerpts from that post:

“Environment and Behavior” published a study a few years back that Participants in a chaotic kitchen ATE MORE than a neat kitchen.

Basically 98 college students were presented 2 different kitchens; one a hot mess with papers stacked everywhere, dishes in the sink, background noise (sound familiar?) and one that was organized and quiet. All were offered cookies, crackers and carrots to taste and rate. Those in the chaotic kitchen ate 103 calories vs 38 calories in the tidy one. 65 calories may not sound like a big savings but this can easily turn into a 6 pound weight gain in a year!!

I know this is very true for my family.

When the kitchen is cluttered, my brain is cluttered. It’s hard to be creative. It’s harder to make healthier choices. It’s hard for the kids to concentrate on homework.

And like in most homes, the kitchen is the hub of ours. Everything happens in the kitchen, including the overfill of mail, homework, artwork, toys, jewelry and any other random thing I haven’t quite found a home for.

So if you’re kitchen looks like mine (yep, that’s a real pic of my kitchen), it’s time to clean it up.

Trust me!! It’s worth the extra work and NOT the extra calories.

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Misfit Hugs, Kim


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