Ladies, let’s face it, whether we exercise or not athletic wear has become a staple in our wardrobe. They could be the elite $100+ yoga pant that you buy just to get the cool store bag or stacked in piles at your local Costco for $15 a pop in various shades of dark hues (which is my kind of yoga pant). 

They may even be called a “fashion legging” and sold daily via Facebook Live from your friend of a friend (of a friends) closet.

Either way, spandex in some form is the norm. No longer just for the gym or postpartum moms. Heck, it’s not even just for Casual Friday’s anymore. In true confession, I’m wearing a pair now, dressed up of course with the other woman’s fashion staple; the tall, brown flat boot.

But the boots don’t make you fat.
What you decide to cover your rear with has a huge potential.

I decided to do a quick Google search to see if my theory on this was covered ad nauseam and I was way behind the times. Which quite frankly, is typically me. Not surprising, this topic popped up before I could finish typing, however, most of the articles talked about athletic wear making your “muscles lazy”. Honestly I had no desire to read the whole lazy muscle thing so I’ll just stick with my own thought bubble on this.

How many times have you heard “Stay off the scale! Go with how your clothes fit!”?

Confession #2: that was me. I’ve said those things to clients and patients obsessed with the bathroom scale. Those who’ve perpetually cycled up and down.

Then I looked at my wardrobe. And my butt.

My clothes tell me nothing. They’re too cozy and stretchy and forgiving. If anything, they provide false security that I’m doing great. That the extra portion was well deserved. That I could go a little longer avoiding squats.

This light bulb came on one day after a week of binge wearing spandex in the form of leggings in every different hue, including a stylish pair of jeggings, an elastic wasted but oh so cute skirt and of course my fav athletic matching outfit on a day I was absolutely  going to work out (but I didn’t). That light bulb got so bright when you guessed it, I tried to put on a pair of real jeans.

With a button!
And a zipper!

What happened? I was feeling oh so slim the whole week! Everything appeared in its place. Why did my butt look like this? Why was the indent in my stomach flesh of the jean button so prominent? Why did I have to do some serious sucking in to get these pants buttoned?!? The scale had barely moved. What happened? 

My athletic wear failed me. It didn’t motivate me to get me to the gym. I didn’t exercise at home more while the kids were napping.

But I temporarily felt good.
Life can’t be lived in yoga pants. (wahhhh!!)  
We deserve more than that.

We deserve a full wardrobe of buttons and snaps, belt loops and zippers, cotton and starched polyester. (ok, maybe not the last one).

I’ve decided thanks to 48 hours of sunshine and summer weather looming that I’m saying NO MORE to gravity. This butt needs to be lifted. Feel free to like and join me on my Facebook page here where I’m going to motivate you (ok, really it’s all about me) into doing 30 days of butt work. And if you know me, don’t worry, home workouts beyond 10 minutes is for some other type of crazy blogger. 

Come join me and invite your friends! Let’s root each other on. A life without real pants is NOT optional! (And truly only one step away into justifying leaving the house in our pj’s). Like a said, we deserve to treat ourselves better than that!


Misfit Hugs!