Not too long ago I wrote about Keto diets; catch the article here if you missed it. Even though Keto still seems to be going strong in the diet popularity contest, I think I’m catching on to the next hottest trend… The 1200 Calorie Diet.

Have I seen any cookbooks lining Costco yet? Nope.

Any celebrity endorsements? None that I can think of. However, my People magazine reading is on the pathetic side. Which probably is fine, given I rarely know who they’re talking about anymore unless it’s in the “who’s aging” section. (I’m really hoping I made that up. They don’t have a section like that…right?)

What I am seeing though is multiple questions and occasional rants on the Dietitian list serve I belong to. Other RD’s are going bonkers over their clients/patients telling them their local Fitness Coach prescribed them a 1200 calorie diet. Now either they’ve plateaud, have absolutely no energy or are just not sure what to eat to continue this method.

Like all professions, there are going to be the ones that have that charisma and charm to lure you in, but ultimately give the profession a bad rap. I know great coaches that would never consider giving anyone a specific calorie diet, let alone 1200 calories. And well I know some that feel, 1200 calorie, gluten free, keto, raw vegetables only, no ice in your drinks ever is the only way to go. (I made that one up too, but I’m sure that particular health guru is out there too).

Here’s the thing, unless you’re under 5 feet tall, have very minimal mobility (think quadriplegic here not addicted to video games) or have a specific disease or diagnosis that warrants 1200 calories, that low of a calorie range for the average person trying to lose weight is just too low. And yes, I’ve recommended 1200 calories before, but typically for the uber short, morbidly obese, sedentary woman post heart attack. But again, disease and diagnosis specific. Not swimsuit season is next month.

In the Misfit Method, the current group average needs are ~1700 calories per day and they’re all losing weight without counting calories. Ones that gravitate towards under nourishing, not losing as steadily.

All of our bodies require a certain amount of energy to function; in a dietitians world this is called Basal Energy Expenditure (BEE). And by function I mean for your heart to beat, lungs to breathe, cells to replicate. This does not even include lying in bed awake, scrolling through social media, laughing at JP Sears videos. This one cracks me up. Watch it here.

Can 1200 calories help you lose weight? Oh heck yeah!!

If you’re use to getting the deli sub from your local Kroger, that bad boy will set you back 1100 calories just for a sandwich! Ever gone to Cheesecake Factory? Try walking out of there without consuming 1200 calories. That could be WITHOUT even eating one piece of cheesecake depending on what you order. No fair! What about that innocent stop at Starbucks as a treat to yourself for not going ape crazy on your kids at Target? The Venti White Chocolate Mocha made with skim milk has only a mere 380 calories. And since it’s non fat milk, I should pair it with the Lemon Ice Pound Cake at 470 calories. It’s lemon for goodness sake. A fruit! Not chocolate!!

My point here is that calories add up. And without being conscious of what goes into our mouth, whoa nelly can happen at a blink of an eye. 

My big thing with the 1200 calorie diet; where do you go from there after you hit that plateau and too early I might add?

Less food?

MORE exercise?

Stock up on plant based supplements from the Amazon jungle?

That’s the tough part. It can take the while to get the body back on track. It wants to be well nourished and will want to hold on to calories like its life or death. Thus the typical rebound effect of weight gain once you realize 1200 calories and you are no longer friends.

If you’re looking for a better approach to weight loss, check out the Misfit Method. It’s a 6 week plan that introduces a few black and white boundaries to set a solid foundation (and doesn’t leave you guessing “is this ok?”) combined with intermittent fasting to help curb mindless evening snacking (or perhaps suboptimal breakfast choices), with personal attention to carbs all coupled with a WHOLE LOT of love and accountability. Of course I’ll be calculating your BEE too. And right now, the introductory price especially if you grab a friend is a no brainer. If you each use the Coupon code FRIENDS, you’ll EACH get $125 off. Sign up hereWant to keep this plan all to yourself? You can always use Coupon Code IAMAWESOME for $100 off. And Yes, You ARE AWESOME whether you sign up or not!!

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Misfit Hugs, Kim