Hello my name is Kim and l like sweet treats. Daily. And nightly. I’ve never seen this as a bad thing (until my pants got too tight). I honestly never realized I had an issue with chocolate especially, until my husband casually mentioned that I find a way to put chocolate into or on anything.

My peanut toast in the morning has mini chocolate chips. (melted into the peanut butter and it’s like eating a peanut butter cup).

Nut and dried fruit trail mix. Yep I only buy the ones with chocolate AND peanut butter chips added in. Darn you Trader Joe’s with your Temptation Mix!!

And you can’t make zucchini bread without chocolate chips. Why bother? Who’d eat that without chocolate?

And then there are these 3 little beings that have turned into treat monsters as well. I like to think that my almost 4 and 6 year old are the norm. By 8:05am they’re asking if they can have a treat. At least this dietitian mom says “NO”, not until 10am. If I’m home that’s usually when my first craving will hit. And all I need is 2 bites. A mini if you please. This is also when baby girl is sleeping. At 15 months, I don’t want her exposed to such bad habits. Plus she’s already allowed chocolate chip pancakes. At least I put chocolate chips AND blueberries in hers.

I don’t remember ever being this smitten with sweet treats. The eye rolling comments at work “who leaves half a doughnut?” was always directed at me. A few years ago I realized my opened bag of jelly beans I had been slowly snacking on was over 3 years old.

But kids changed all that. And a husband who brought to the table the nightly habit of having a sweet treat with his evening tea. We still argue about this. He swears he never ate sweet treats with his tea until me. I beg to differ knowing that my mother in law is never without a maple roll or cookie available for evening Irish tea.

But no matter how it happened. It’s happened. And nearly every night for the past 8+ years of marriage I’ve had ice cream, cake, cookies or a piece of chocolate with my tea. Tonight I ate the Costco version of a Thin Mint. I think I’ve mentioned this before but sorry Girl Scouts, Costco is much better (and cheaper and bigger!).

And as with the alcohol challenge, as soon as I knew I couldn’t have something I wanted it more. So instead of having my 2 token Dove chocolates at work today, I had FOUR!! And I’m going in for a 2nd cookie before the night is over. (I have lots of laundry folding to do).

So tell me, will this be a challenge for you?? Avoiding the candy dish at work? Doughnuts? Ice Cream? Licorice? Chocolate?

As a reminder this challenge runs Monday January 16th- 22nd.

Make sure to check out and like the KimLeneghan facebook page for extra support and to vent when necessary. I know I’ll need you!

Hugs, Kim

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Some short but really really tempting headline.

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