My name is Kim and I enjoy a glass of wine. Nightly. I’ve never seen this as a bad thing. Heck I can even spout out the research that supports the benefits of wine.

However, my ever conscious mini me whose soon to be 6 has been asking many questions regarding my nightly consumption of wine. Why do you drink it? Is it good for your? She has yet to ask me for a taste, but I’m concerned in a few years she might. Or worse, she won’t ask first but take it upon herself to try it on the sly.

My family tree has branches spotted with alcohol addiction. And recent studies have shown an increase in alcohol consumption in teens from parents they see routinely drinking. So needless to say, it’s the least I can do.

I must admit though, I have a nice 2014 Decoy Pinot Noir that needs to be finished, thus the start date of January 9th. I did mention that these challenges were self serving right??

I know plenty in my circle who don’t touch alcohol, however, soda or diet soda is their vice of choice. It’s time for you to step away.

I can’t help but cringe when I see people at the grocery store filling their carts with 12 packs of Sprite, Diet Coke, Pepsi or the worst one Mountain Dew! Trust me on this, not only will your belly and liver think they’ve found Mecca for a week but your teeth will love you even more!!

I plan on subbing out my wine for soda water with a lime when I want to feel festive or serving water in a wine glass. EVERYTHING tastes better in a wine glass in my opinion.

What about you?


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