I swear I’ve had resolutions on the brain since Thanksgiving. I love the thought of starting out fresh and new. You know that feeling when you see the front of the Martha Stewart Living magazine showing the ultimately organized closet and crave it as bad as molten lava cake? I love that 45 second feeling. That’s how long it lasts until I hear my name being called by high pitched munchkins “mom, mom, mom” and realize that house that you vowed would never be taken over by toys is wrapped in a white flag.

And that Prevention magazine with 20 new great butt defining exercises that you WILL start tomorrow before work? That feeling lasts 15 seconds.

You see the thing is I’m motivated out.

I hate to blame baby number 3 versus turning 40, but whatever it is, this past year has been a rough one.

There was a time when the alarm went off at 5:30am, and by no means did I bounce out of bed, but I was able to muster enough energy to throw on a bra and follow Jillian for 22 minutes in the comforts of my living room.

By the way, 22 minutes is my max time of working out by myself, anything longer, I have to pay someone to keep me moving.

On a side note, a few years back my husband and I started coming up with a theme word for the year. The idea was born after he had a super crappy work year that included the “A” word.. Audit. For the following year, I just kept telling him he was going to have the Best Year Ever!

And it worked. He had the Best Year!!

We just came off the Year of the Purge. That one felt great too. (Especially when I got to toss with pleasure the 20 year old pleated pants hiding in my husbands side of the closet. Even if they do come back honey, you are NOT wearing them.)

2017 is the Year of Action!!!

Action to get those 20% left projects completed. Action to launch an e-course. Action steps to be healthier!

During a recent family walk on a 50 degree day (in Ohio!), something was sparked. I started getting a tad motivated. Inertia is a crazy thing. A guess a body in motion really does want to stay in motion.

And the idea of 12 weekly Resolutions (or Challenges) was born.

I must admit, this is all self serving. The next 12 weeks are all ideas I’ve been wanting to try or things I know I should be doing.

But who wants to do things alone? If I’m going to torture myself, I might as well invite others. Isn’t that why we ask others to smell the nasty thing found at the back of the fridge?

For those concerned these challenges will be “crazy”, they are not. Remember I’m more of a misfit dietitian. Hubby even said “Easy Peasy” when I reviewed my list with him. In fact the ones that will be hardest for me, I’m sure for many will be less than challenging. But if anything, it brings more consciousness into how we spend our day.

Thank you in advance to all those you will be joining me on this crazy 12 weeks. Remember, if a week seems scary to you, it’s just 7 days.

7 days is nothing. A piece of proverbial cake!

Each challenge will be presented a week before so you can focus on 1 resolution at a time but have enough time to prep before the next challenge. They’ll start Monday and finish on Sunday.

We will begin January 9th!!

So grab your family, friends (or arch nemesis’) and neighbors. Make sure you’re dialed into KimLeneghan.com or Kim Leneghan Facebook page where we can comment on how much we like or loathe a particular week.

As always HUGS and Happy New Year!