I take inspiration for these blog posts from all sources; articles, trends, or in this case conversations had by me where the words “Fit and Fluffy” left my mouth earlier today.

Personally I LOVE Fit and Fluffy. 

If you’re not sure what I mean by Fit and Fluffy, I’m describing the person that at first glance (otherwise known as judging) you immediately assume that extra weight attached to hips, stomach, thighs is because they’re lazy, they binge on pizza, they watch too much TV, etc, etc.

But the truth is, they may rarely watch TV because they enjoy hiking instead. And forget pizza, you’ll find them noshing on a hummus wrap loaded with extra veggies.

These people are usually the ones lapping me during a 5K as well. Or at my nieces latest marathon, passing hundreds of other very fit and averaged weight looking runners.

These people are usually MY INSPIRATION to push a little harder. To up my fitness level.

I believe it was in the latest health documentary I watched, that one of the doctors mentioned something of a backlash against the “self love” movement worried that all this “Love yourself the way you are”, would continue the obesity epidemic.

As a clinician who sees countless obese patients, there’s a huge difference between the patient who doesn’t care period and the obese patient that is learning self care, self respect and that the body was meant to move with ease and grace. And continuous. Throughout all life phases.

Does it matter if your body loves pizza if it also craves motion?

Yes and no. That’s where that sneaky, pesky word called moderation comes into play. I wrote about why I loathe the word Moderation a several months back. Read about it here.

Bottom line, fit bodies come in all shapes and sizes. And thank goodness!! 

In a few months (or less) this site will be slowly transferring over to my new love and brand Misfit Nutrition. This Misfit’s goal is to help others reach their potential “changing lives one less donut at a time.” Misfit will still talk diabetes, but it won’t be it’s main focus. I love preventing heart disease and helping women reach their weight loss goals. And yes unknown doctor, they’ll probably be some Self Love in there too. Get over it!

As Always, Many Hugs! Kim