If you’re new to Misfit Nutrition, you’ll quickly learn this dietitian does NOT like exercising. No need to get me confused with MISS FIT. And if we ever end up working together, yes they’ll be exercise in your plan, but there won’t be no hour long, crazy boot camp, martial art style, curse your mama, take the Lords name in vain type work-outs. Not from this chic.

And I swear the only reason I exercise is because I’m cheap. OK, not cheap. But with 3 small kids to chase, feed, coerce into doing homework (that still requires I read it to them), feed again and bath, shopping has become a chore not a luxury. I often say “nothing says fashion like Costco.” So by keeping my weight the same as my somewhat stylish pre-kid days, well I feel less “mom-like” and more Kim-like.

That and have you seen what gravity does to your butt?

Despite a sagging deary aire , I’m realizing in the dead of cootie land that exercise anymore than what I do now is quite frankly a waste of time. And by cootie land I mean flu season. Supposedly the flu shot did squat this year, 10% effective?? But even my friends, family, coworkers that didn’t fall into an Influenza Positive test have become so sick with whatever nasty strain is going around, it’s wiping the most vibrant, fit, active people to withering, snotty messes in a sea of used tissues watching endless hours of the Hallmark channel. Too weak to press the remote past Lifetime toward the endless loop of The Christmas Story on TNT.

You know the kind of sick I’m talking about. Where it comes in a fury, hits hard for 3 days but then lingers for weeks. Makes you so tired you think “oh snap” am I pregnant? But before you run to get a pregnancy test, you calculate some slow math because your head is still so foggy and realize NO ONE in their right mind would have come close to you. Don’t care how cozy those fleecy socks were that smelled of feet and Vics worn for 72 consecutive hours.

And what happens to the most dedicated of exercisers after something like this happens? Back to square one. Not only do they have to muster up enough self motivation to attempt to work through a coughing fit, but their muscles feel like they’ve never worked out before. Their running time is pathetic. And that laundry that wasn’t done while you hid could be mistaken for an indoor sledding hill. That has to be done too.

Yes, the optimum athlete probably bounces back quicker after feeling like death, yada, yada, yada. However, for now I’ll just stick with what I know: I don’t like to exercise. No need to ramp it up now. I’m not taking my chances. I’ll think about it in a few weeks before a somewhere warm vacation.

Have you gotten sick yet this year and did it interfere with your work-out routine? Let me know below. As well as your routine. I need all the inspiration I can get!

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Stay Healthy Out There!!!

With Misfit Love, Kim