Have you ever been involved in a Facebook comment thread that turned weird?

Of course you have, it’s Facebook for goodness sake.

Well I can’t help write about my poor, well meaning high school friends post looking for tips and recommendations to get her and her family healthy. With over 50 comments, the love and possibly overwhelm she may have felt came swooning in.

After all anyone whose into wellness, drinks a shake, pees on a stick or eats coconut oil daily feels strongly with their choice. Especially if their route makes them feel like a million bucks. Then who wouldn’t want to share! I get that.

But what had me in stitches was the “it’s 80% diet, 20% exercise!” Noooo it’s “20% diet, 80% exercise.”

Then snap, snap “this is what I look like” (svelt looking older gentleman clearly touting the 80% exercise rule.) I honestly was waiting for some kind of Jersey Shore, abdominal selfie showdown to take place. Oh yeah, I could have gotten in on that and flashed some c-section scars!!

But here’s the thing about diet vs exercise. You need them BOTH!

And since I’m a dietitian with an additional Certificate in Adult Weight Loss Management I must tell you what the research says.

Simply put, diet helps you lose, exercise keeps it off. 

And honestly people that are really into exercise, usually have some kind of desire to feed their body pretty well. Exercise is a pain in the butt. Sometimes quite literally. Who wants to ruin that with some crappy drive through nastiness. (Unless you’re my sisters boyfriend. But he plays Rugby. They’re a whole different breed.)

I wrote about this whole diet/ exercise thing on my kimleneghan.com site. I referred to it as trying to pick a favorite child. Technically you shouldn’t say you have one, but you probably do. I also talked about how my underwear didn’t fit, forcing me to exercise, despite losing 2 pounds. Talk about not fair!! Check out the article here; it’s a dozy.

So what did I recommend to my friend?

Of course I sent her right to MisfitNutrition.com and encouraged her to sign up for my 3 Easy Tricks to Avoid the Weight Gain Creep! Have YOU done that yet?? It’s so easy. Free. And once you read the tips, you’ll roll your eyes at the simplicity, realize you’re probably guilty of 1 if not all 3 and get back on your game! Just click here.

Then you have to sneak back and tell me, what do you think is more important: donuts or bagels? he he he.

Hugs & Misfit Love!