Did I just read wine? Have I gone to Heaven?

For those new to this blog, I’m a lover of the fermented grape. So much so that when I started a 12 week post New Year’s challenge (read it here) where for 1 week we did crazy things for 12 weeks, like forgo alcohol, wine was the first to go. Start with the hardest, right?

I must admit, when I stumbled across the Blue Zone Project and The Power 9 I was surprised to see a “Power” devoted entirely to drinking wine. Of course, Adventists don’t drink any alcohol and have made the list of living the longest as well.

Per the Blue Zones Project website, here’s what they say:

People in all Blue Zones (except Adventists) drink alcohol moderately and regularly.  Moderate drinkers outlive non-drinkers. The trick is to drink 1-2 glasses per day (preferably Sardinian Cannonau wine), with friends and/or with food. And no, you can’t save up all weekend and have 14 drinks on Saturday.

This is also for responsible drinkers. Those that know when and how to stop. Generally for ladies it’s after one 4-5oz pour, for gentleman it’s two. Remember when I had you measuring out your food and drink in Week 4, now’s the time to put that into practice.

So is it the wine or the “5”?

I like to think it’s the combo. That first sip of wine for me, especially out of a freshly uncorked bottle is the most satisfying. The immediate release of stress hormones as I stop what I’m doing, close my eyes and let the wine permeate my nose and tongue… in that order.

What does “5” do?

I think 5 is a symbol of when you should be hanging your hard working hat up before you exchange it for perhaps another. To separate the day from the rush of work life, to the rush of home life.

A break.

A break for 45 minutes that says “I matter to me” and “friend, you do too.”

I know I’m more than guilty of pulling into my attached garage, closing the door behind me, leaving my neighbor’s and world out to wonder if I even exist. Only to resurface in stealth mode out the door the next morning to do it all over again.

Let’s face it we’ve made being neighborly WORK. We’ve gotten it in our head that visiting with friends and neighbors is a chore that we no longer have time for. How dare we break for a glass of Merlot mid evening before dinner’s cooked or the homework’s done? How dare we have (adult) human interaction?

Having a glass of wine at 5, chatting with friends and neighbors in real time for 45 minutes has NEVER been a bad use of time. If anything, we leave saying “We need to do this more often!”

I think that’s where the Blue Zone people thrive. They got it right from an early age. They put people instead of chores and crazy schedules first and did it in a matter involving a simple glass of wine and maybe food.

No Pinterest. No Pressure.

I already have 2 dates with friends scheduled on my calendar that I’ve been looking forward to all month. I would love to have a few more.

From July 17th to July 23rd how (or when) will you incorporate Wine @5? Will you plan it knowing if you don’t it’ll never happen? Or spontaneously spot the neighbor mowing her lawn and bring her a glass of Chardonnay as she’s finishing up? Please comment below, I’d love to hear your plan.

And join us on my Facebook page here. Heck if they have “Live” LuLaRoe parties, maybe we can live stream a happy hour??

Hugs Always,