What is your purpose in life?

For me, this is one of the most dreaded questions. I feel as though I’m still floundering around with what it is I’m suppose to be doing on this earth. I understand what’s important to me, my Life’s Intentions as my coach calls them but my actual purpose I feel lost.

I’m envious of meeting others that love doing that one or more thing that brings them joy. And if they turned it into a career, double wow. My husband for instance loves boats and boating. He works on boats too. Yes, during the Spring time I worry the stress of managing his operation won’t get him anywhere near the Blue Zone, however, if you took away the HR issues and eye rolling customers any business has, you’ll see him reading boat trade magazines, walking marinas and researching the next best boat wax.

I want that kind of Purpose. That Passion.

The Blue Zones Project twists this purpose driven question a bit and asks “Why do you wake up in the morning?”

An 11 year study of healthy elderly between the ages of 65 and 92, showed that those having clear goals and purpose lived longer and better than those who didn’t. And we’re talking 7 years better! This “Right Outlook” the researchers explained was knowing exactly what makes you happy and brings you joy. What gets you out of bed!

During a post New Years 12 Week Challenge earlier in the year, I touched on finding happiness during Week 10. The book I started reading at the time Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelley had the best quote: “We want to be happy but we don’t do the things that make us happy because we’re too busy trying to be happy.”

I plan on using Week 2 between 6/12- 6/18 to re-examine what makes me happy. The Blue Zones Project website also has 4 tips into Purpose Finding, check them out here.

In the meantime, I’m going to stick with holding onto my Life’s Intentions of 1. Being a Loving Family Member and 2. A Supportive Member of my Community.

Please comment below. Do you know your Purpose? Why you wake up in the morning? Or will you be opening yourself up to some self exploration next week? Either way, I’d love to support you. Don’t forget, daily postings happen on the KimLeneghan Facebook page.

Double Hugs today!


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