Can one be addicted to golf cart rides?

Last week after we explored the Blue Zones and The Power 9, I couldn’t help but start some self reflection on this first weeks challenge: Move Naturally.

Week 1 by the way will start Monday June 5th. If this is the first time you’re joining a KimLeneghan challenge, we talk first here, then start on Mondays.

I started paying attention to all the times I wanted to jump in the golf cart and go. Take the kids to the park. To the sand box. Visit a friend. Make up a scavenger hunt game.

Yes, I understand that not many people can relate to daily golf cart rides. I live in a small, gated, sidewalk void neighborhood in a heavily touristy area near the lake.

But I know many people can relate to convenience. Especially with kids involved.

To get 3 kids plus 1 adult out of the house to go anywhere is a chore. Tell the gang, you are walking and the feet dragging starts before the driveway ends. Say the word golf cart ride and even the 20 month old has her shoes in her hand while the other kids are out the door buckling THEMSELVES!

The actual golf cart ride is also quite peaceful. There’s no fighting. The youngest doesn’t squirm to get out of a car seat (there is none). And the fresh air gives you the false sense that you are doing something healthy.

When I fully acknowledged this lack of Move Naturally and the change I should and NEED to be making this past weekend in honor of Blue Zone Project wanna be, I grabbed the double stroller, 3 kids and hit the pavement for a 20 minute walk that took us approximately 200 yards.

YES 200 YARDS!! Although, I must admit, it was all uphill.

We never made it to our final destination before this mom lost her cool, got frustrated and turned the posse around. Between the perpetual shoe flinging by the youngest, the middle insisting he bring his dollar store kite with the 20 foot plastic tail that MOM carry (he was already tired and wanted to sit in the stroller) and the oldest asking if we were there yet, I was exhausted! This is when you want to throw your new fancy iWatch with it’s fancy fitness tracking device on the ground and scream, but I’m sweating here! Why have you only logged 3 minutes of exercise!!

Thankfully later that evening I had an opportunity to redeem myself. A nearby friend was hosting an adult “schools out” soiree party at her house. I knew parking would be limited so I hoofed it. Despite the temptation, NO golf cart for me. I walked the mile plus route along the lake, listening to the waves in my Nikes with my heels in my bag. Secretly pulled a Mr. Rogers before entering her home and voila Move Naturally here me roar!

I know this week for me is going to be more about planning more movement vs Move Naturally. After watching this PSA from Fort Worth, I’m happy to say I do take the stairs (I have a 4 flight minimum. If I need to be on the 5th floor or higher it’s typically the elevator) but that’s about it. AND NO I’m NOT GETTING A DOG!

Remember Blue Zones Project and this first Power is not about weight loss. It’s not about getting trim. You’ll need to do more than just taking the stairs and parking farther. But it IS part of decreasing chronic diseases. It IS part of increasing your longevity.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me what will you do to Move Naturally on a DAILY basis?

Also since the Blue Zone Project is all about community, don’t forget to share this post with friends and neighbors. Like me on Facebook where the discussion continues!

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