Unless you are brand new to this site, you’ve probably guessed that I like myself a challenge. I love being kept on my toes. I love trying new things. I love the accountability of it all.

And I must admit, I do believe I enjoyed the Blue Zone Challenge more so than the post 12 week New Year challenges that seem like ions ago. Even if some of the challenges were similar, it never fails every time I forgo meat, sugar, alcohol it gets easier. It may not last, but it does get easier.

Except exercise, I still loathe any exercise challenges I come up with. Which only means one is probably brewing.

For a quick recap of the Power 9, we explored:

Moving Naturally


Down Shift/ Decreasing Stress

80% Rule/ Mindful Eating

Plant Slant

Wine @ 5


Loved Ones First

Right Tribe

The one that’s had the biggest impact on my husband and I (he actually joined me for a few) was the Plant Slant. Over a month now and we’ve been meat free. We’ve also significantly decreased our dairy, however, eggs and seafood still find there way into my belly on a routine basis. But the big take home is that more fruits and veggies find there way there as well. No need to think I’m getting all crazy on you. Turkey without a doubt will be touching these lips come Thanksgiving. And honestly I’m really craving a burger too.

The other thing that really stands out to me, as I’m typing this while on vacation is that many of these attributes of the Power 9 come to play without thought when one is exactly that, on vacation.

At least my kind of vacation.

The kind where I rent a house with a gorgeous kitchen and giant fridge smack dab in the middle of a friendly, walkable town with a gorgeous Farmers Marker twice a week.

A house that’s close enough to home and large enough where my family and friends, stop their lives to make the 5 hour trek and join us.

Where the wine flows at 5.

Where stress melts, kids get cuddled longer and there’s a sense of belonging.

Knowing you are in the right place at the right time. With your family. 

Probably the ONE Power that doesn’t get practiced on vacation is the 80% Rule. After all, in my book, calories don’t count on vacation. But this has become a great tool during certain meals, where one of us is vocalizing whether we want that extra slice of thick, crusty Italian bread. Typically the other person will casually cough out “80% rule”. And decision 9/10 times will yield one less piece of bread eaten. Our pants thank us for that.

So now it’s your turn. I’m curious to know which Power 9 spoke to you? Which one(s) do you think, “damn if there were only 1 or 2 Power 9’s I’d easily live to 100”? Please comment below, or hang out with me on my Kim Leneghan Facebook page.

Until Next Week, Hugs!

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