Let’s face it despite its bounty of blessings, Easter is springs version of Halloween.

However, instead of going door to door to stock pile candy jars dressed up like a dinosaur, scavenger hunts ensue for candy in various hiding spots. Some in colored plastic eggs, others in baskets, or if there’s some creativity in the house, at the end of a maze of colored string.

Like Halloween, some of my same rules apply for Easter candy. If you missed how Moderation is a Scary Word, check that out here. My take on candy in the house is, buy your favorite mini sized candy and plan it in. Acknowledge it. Love it. Enjoy it. 

Let’s be honest though. Sometimes you don’t want to plan it it. Sometimes you just want to have fun too. Not think about what goes into your mouth!

Remember those days?

While frantically shopping at Target the other day, picking up Easter staples, relishing in my ALONE time which is any moms nirvana this one fellow shopper gave me a great idea.

This woman was Target end cap giddy despite the fact she had a preteen in tow. She was tossing large metallic gold plastic eggs in her cart with wild abandon “look at this one!”, “I want this one too!”. Preteen slightly embarrassed kept trying to tell her mom “Umm, Easters for kids. What are you doing?”

Happy mom just kept tossing her favorites into the cart, nonchatantly explaining that she’s the mom and can do what she pleases. (By the way. That’s the egg above. It’s from the Spritz collection for $5. So now marked down to $2.50) 

I flashed her my mom gang sign and a wide smile.


That’s when it hit me. Why can’t I stuff my own few Easter eggs with good quality expensive chocolate bunny ears (I don’t need the whole bunny), pieces of sponge candy, a few peanut butter cups and a lottery ticket or 2? Then I’ll have the kids hide them for me!

All mine vs the kids stash.


Then when feeling the need of a reward or sweet indulgence, I crack open my egg with secretly portioned out treats inside and eat the whole thing!

Minus the guilt!!

In other words, its the best of both worlds. It’s planned out portion married to reckless defiance of the healthy world mentality where one should be reaching out for a 100 calorie snack bag of unsalted roasted almonds and dried coconut chips.

I plan on buying myself 3 eggs and filling each with at most 3 pieces of candy or ears and maybe a gift card or scratch off lottery ticket. Yes. I understand I’ll be the one buying it, but it’s still fun! And remember, 2-3 mini pieces depending on what you choose is roughly 1 carb exchange (15 grams).

So how do you handle the influx of Easter treats in your home? Hide it from yourself? Gorge yourself on hard boiled eggs? Comment below. Don’t forget to like me on Facebook at KimLeneghan. Check me out on Easter and see what I put in my egg!

And if you happened to miss it, there is a 5 minute Wall Squat Challenge happening NOW over on my FB page. The goal is to squat for 5 minutes come Easter Sunday.

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