Did I just say 5 minutes?

Did I just say Week 12?

It’s only fitting that we cap off Week 12 with exercise. Why?

Because exercise IS the panacea of health.

Not Vitamin D. Not Sugar Free. Not Gluten Free (heck no to that!).

Yes, it absolutely matters what you put into your mouth and most importantly how much when it comes to controlling your weight. However, no matter what your size or what your weight goal is, exercise is the single one thing that not only adjusts your body composition (flabby butt anyone?) but it helps:

Enhance your mood

Rev up metabolism

Increase endurance

Improve sleep

Enhance cognition

Improve mental health

Reduce cardiovascular risks

Reduce cancer risks

Control blood sugars

Increase bone density

Strengthen muscles

Prevent falls and injuries from them

YET…. How many of us focus on the guilt caused by too many Girl Scout cookies?

I’ve mentioned before in many of my previous blogs, Week 3 especially that required us to do 20 minutes of exercise that I despise exercise. It is something that is always forced. And to be honest, without Week 3, my warm weather vacation that accompanied Week 3 with built in doting grandparents and my weekly Monday Barre class, my exercise regimen in these past 12 weeks would have been close to nil.

Per my fancy new I-Watch, I average 14 minutes of exercise and roughly 6,800 steps per day. Not even half of the recommended 30 minutes per day and well below the coveted 10,000 steps goal. Ouch!

So why just 5 minutes then?

What’s the first thing that is given up when your scheduled day takes a left hand turn?


What’s the last thing we want to do after working 8 to 10 hours, deal with a crazy commute or cranky kids?


What gets bumped when the bed magnet is on, even at the lowest setting?


What gives us the biggest bang for our buck?


Exercise does not require a gym membership, fancy attire or any equipment. Those are all excuses. And please, we ALL own exercise attire. Why do you think active wear and yoga pants are so popular? It’s not because we are all hurdling CrossFit sized monster tires. Heck No. That stuff is comfortable!!

I happened to catch a Tony Robbins clip today on FB. In the video Tony told of his 10 minute morning routine. It was in the line of meditation but what he said caught my attention “If you don’t have 10 minutes to spend solely on yourself everyday, you are essentially worthless.”

A little tough to swallow but I know exactly what he means. If I don’t take care of myself first, how can I help others?

As for 5 minutes. No One can argue they don’t have 5 minutes.

And 5 minute exercises don’t require changing clothes, going somewhere special, even putting on shoes (maybe a bra, yes depending on how big your girls are).

What 5 minutes does tell you is “how serious am I about my health? weight? mind?” Don’t get me wrong. I’m there with you. Many times, for days in a row I do nothing of focused, specific, heartbeat raising body movement.

I also know that when the scale inches closer to the uncomfortable zone, the jeans fit tighter, or I feel like I’m going to lock myself in someone else’s closet for a few days, I need to start with 5 minutes.

5 minutes of me. For me. Moving me. 

If you are in a exercise slump and have been there for a bit, Week 12 is perfect for you.

Starting March 27th thru April 2nd, I’ll feature on the Kimleneghan Facebook site a 5 minute video (some of me!) or a simple 5 minute written routine to do in the comforts of your home or office. If you have a favorite 5 minute exercise routine, please pass it on. I’d also love to know WHEN do you plan on doing YOUR 5 minutes?? Comment below!

As always. Hugs.