Which KID do you like better?

That’s how I feel when someone asks me what’s more important:

Exercise or Diet?

“I love them equally.”

At least in front of them you say that! (For my seasoned parents out there, you know there’s secretly a favorite. My sister will agree! It’s me.. he he).

Both exercise and diet serve their purpose just like each child in your home has that special ability to make you want to drape your car in “My Child .. insert accolade here” bumper stickers to locking yourself in the closet under the dirty clothes. They can pick the locks on the bathroom, no use hiding in there.

In my home, my son is a dietitian’s nightmare when it comes to meals BUT loves to snuggle and boy sometimes I need that. My oldest daughter at 5 is already wise enough to finish my sentences and anticipate my next move which can be very helpful when cuddle son doesn’t want to put on those shoes. And then there’s the tiny one in the bunch who is all smiles even super early in the morning when I’m forced to wake her up and eats EVERYTHING I put in front of her or in small lego choking hazard size on the floor.

Yep, they each have their turns being my uber favorite in the moment that I need one of them too.

That’s how I see diet and exercise. Why I NEVER see exercise as a favorite, it serves its purpose when I need it to.

Like the other day when my underwear shrunk.

Kid you not, I thought for certain my husband had attempted to do the laundry and shrunk my underwear. However, despite the scale actually being 2 pounds lower, my underwear was doing the crack creep. That’s when I was forced to look at reality. When was the last time I did actual, scheduled exercise? Not play human jungle gym with the kids. Not “swim” at the pool (there’s no swimming with 3 kids in the pool when NONE of them can swim). Not move like a tortoise on our family walk because the 5 year old insists on pointing out every pink flower.

But actual exercise.

The kind that makes you pant.

The kind you curse.

The kind that makes you remember you have muscles in that body of yours the next day.

And because when you make poor self choices you need to blame others, at every wedgy moment during the day, I cursed my pilates instructor for taking the summer off.

Enter REAL exercise.

Since I knew my diet nor my husband was the culprit of my underwear no longer wearing well, it was time to work on my ass.

And since I’m not a fan of exercise, when I need to do a reboot I start with 5 minutes.

Yep. 5 minutes.

It goes a little something like this.

First I set 5 minutes on my phone. I love the ping that tells when me it’s done.

And we are off:

30 jumping jacks.

30 second full plank.

15 lunges Right side.

15 slow, deep squats.

15 lunges Left side.

30 second full plank.

30 jumping jacks.

If time is left I’ll do a sitting wall plank or toe raises until the timer goes off.

The 5 best things about 5 minute exercise shots is:

  1. You don’t have to change your clothes. I’ve done them in my pj’s as well as my office attire.
  2. No special equipment. I’ve even done these IN my office (with the door closed).
  3. You may just feel motivated to do another 5 minute round.
  4. Your mood shifts. Just try being cranky after doing a set of jumping jacks with your skirt pulled up over your rump.
  5. You have a burst of energy. That blood sugar is getting into the cells and not hanging out in your blood stream taunting you with a high blood sugar reading.

 Oh and as a little bonus, you do these for a week or so and your underwear fits again!

So tell me, has your underwear ever shrunk? Did you use exercise, diet or both to make them fit again? And feel free to tell me who your favorite child is too. Your secret is safe with me.

If you liked this post or think it’ll provide just the right amount of chuckle in someone’s day, please share! And of course, if you need some help in the weight loss or diabetes department I’m your girl.Check me out at KimLeneghan.com.

See you next week!


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