Last week after my McDonald’s post, reader Monica asked “Can you give me an example of what YOU eat on a work day for breakfast, lunch and dinner?” She thankfully agreed to wait on bated breath until this week’s blog post. Perhaps she was thrown off that a dietitian admittedly ate at McDonald’s. I’ve seen plenty of RDN’s (Registered Dietitian Nutritionists) or health food bloggers get blasted for mentioning the forbidden “M” word.

But here’s the thing.

I know RDN’s that are vegetarian marathon runners and I know RDN’s who give out samples of artificial sweeteners with their meal plans.

I’m neither.

When I was in my 20’s, single and living off toaster oven french bread pizza I use to joke that I only played a dietitian on TV.

Now as the saying goes, I’m older and wiser. Plus my metabolism has shifted, things are sagging (damn butt… the boobs are long gone after 3 nursing babies. But let’s be real. I never had them) and I’ve hit that stage in my life where family and friends are getting sick. The real sick. Like strokes, heart attacks and cancer sick. All part of normal conversation now. Blah!!

It’s hard to hear these stories when I know most diseases, with some forethought of what you put into your mouth, can be prevented.

The biggest reason for wearing my dietitian hat a little tighter though is those 3 babies. I’m now a role model. But I’m not a health nut junkie. Nor do I want to be. There was a time where I ripped a chewy granola bar out of my dad’s hands 30 minutes before we sat down for dinner.

No one at the dinner table was happy that day.

Most of all me.

It was a turning point in how I saw people and food.

I learned to relax. Become less controlling.

I learned it’s ok to eat at McDonald’s. It has nothing to do with moderation. (A word I despise!). It’s about a combination of what works for your family at that particular moment. It’s about 80% of the time picking choices you know your body will say “Amen to that sister!! Thank you for caring about me!!”  

So here’s my work day confessional.

Breakfast: Hubby makes me a smoothie with a banana, unsweetened 30 calorie almond milk, frozen fruit (I like the Wyman’s mixed fruit packs. So tasty and easy) and a splash of hemp seeds.

Then I have a Thomas English Muffin- Light Multi-grain. I discovered these bad boys during one of my sugar challengers. 100 calories, 1g fat, 26g carbs, 8g fiber, 1g sugar, 5g protein. I top it with a smear of butter and/or cream cheese. The fat helps fill me up. This is eaten in the car.

9:30-10am snack: Cup of tea with a granola bar. Currently eating Cascadian Farm Organic chocolate chip granola bars. Does this pass my granola bar test of 5g fiber, less than 2 tsp of sugar or more than 7g of protein….NO! Not even close. But I have yet to meet a granola bar I enjoy that meets those requirements without tasting like a date chew, scaring away my office mate (too much chicory root) or is void of artificial sweeteners or Stevia. I’m just not a fan of stevia. Plus, did you see?? There was a coupon!! 

If I didn’t eat one of these boys, I’d be visiting the candy jar 2 doors down from my office.

Sometimes I have a trail mix in my office or a box of dry cereal that’s easy to snack on. But not this week.

Lunch: leftovers if there’s enough. Baby girl eats A LOT. I’ve finally started making more to accommodate her growing body and need to eat up the leftovers. If I’m not lucky enough, the hospital has a cafeteria where I gather up a spinach salad which I top with all the light in weight toppings (shredded carrots, thin sliced mushrooms, sunflower seeds, slightest drizzle of poppyseed dressing). I’m cheap. My goal is for my salad weight to equal less than $2.00. I keep cans of vegetarian lentil soup and packets of low sodium tuna fish handy in my office to supplement the salad. If I know I have to buy, I’ll at least bring a piece of fruit and avocado for my salad. Yummm…. avocado. Makes any plain ol work salad bar festive! 

Between 1-2pm, a piece or 2 of Dove chocolate enters my belly. 

Dinner: on this night it was homemade Shepard’s pie and a salad. The previous night where I go straight from work to the grocery store then school then sitter then home to change then to Barre class all within a 1.5hr time frame was a store bought Rotissere chicken, boxed low sodium stuffing, canned no added salt green beans and a salad. The meal is still a salt lick, but it’s better than french bread pizza.

Salad is a staple at my home which 8 out of 10 times contains a chopped up avocado. Did I mention I LOVE avocado! Some sliced almonds, maybe some roasted beets. I LOVE roasted beets too. Dressing of choice is Brianna’s Real French Vinagrette; again no added sugar in that one.

And I serve the salad ON THE PLATE, not in a separate bowl. The salad and veggie side typically yields 2.5 servings of veggies. Carbs avg around 4 choices or 60g depending how you count.

Most nights I have 4oz of red wine with my dinner. Unless I’m eating sans hubby but with the kids, then it’s water. Momma needs to have her A game ready when flying solo.

The evening is wrapped up with another cup of tea; decaf now and a mint cookie from Costco. Sorry Girl Scouts, your Thin Mints have been outdone.

And that’s a wrap.

Surprised at the normalcy? I’d love to see what you’re eating now. Take a picture and comment below.

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