I’m a sucker for a SALE.

And as nerdy as it sounds, I’m also a sucker for things that are high in fiber. (I think it must be a dietitian thing).

HOWEVER, not all fibers are created equal. For instance chicory root fiber also labeled as inulin is not my friend. ESPECIALLY when it’s listed in the first few ingredients. Pretty much all Fiber One products and I don’t see eye to eye. Let’s just say, if I happen to get suckered into eating one of their granola bars mid morning, AFTER lunch time you do NOT want to be my office mate. Heck! I don’t even want to be my office mate!! It took me several months after a routine binge on those bad boys years ago that made me realize it was that silly chicory root!!

Just like when you get food poisoning and blame the last thing you ate (not always the case), for months I was blaming my lunch for churning my stomach and giving me horrible gas pains that had me hiding in stairwells or needing to check outside for something I must have dropped.

Last year I listened to an hour long webinar all on fiber. (Dietitian Heaven!!) It appears I’m not abnormal. Most individuals have a hard time digesting anything with 5 grams or more of inulin per day. Unfortunately our Nutrition Label doesn’t tell us how much added fiber is in a product. Knowing that the ingredients posted are listed in highest quantity first my body and I concluded that chicory root or inulin listed in the first 3 ingredients is a no no for this lady. KIND bars usually list chicory root closer to the end which I can tolerate just fine. However, one KIND bar almost sent my mom to the ER. Then again, she doesn’t have a love affair with fiber like me. To her, one bar might have been like a fiber overdose. Plus she had been staying with me for a week. She kindly designates my house as the “Fat Farm” since she typically loses 5-8 pounds during her stay. Yep, lots of veggies, fruits aka FIBER and chasing kids. Oh and stairs! Lots of up and down stairs!

And have I mentioned fibers role in diabetes?? Just like fat and protein slow the absorption of blood sugar to avoid spikes, so can fiber. And it helps you feel full, which helps you lose weight, which helps insulin work more efficiently for those with insulin resistance. WIN. WIN. WIN. 

I digress.

So a month ago, a lovely friend of mine emailed me wanting to know what high fiber foods she could be adding to her diet. I gave her my usual list (I’ll save that for another post) and then offered her the opportunity to be a guinea pig for a product I was contemplating being an affiliate with. She happily agreed and within a few days I was at her office dropping off a 7 day sample of prepackaged individual fiber filled packets all nestled in the cutest little pink sache. Given how excited the office staff was when I told them I was just dropping off some fiber for their coworker, you would have thought I was bringing portable air conditioners to a Hot Flash Society meeting. “Oh I need fiber!” they shrieked. “Me too. How do I get some of that?”

Fast forward a week later and dear friend has already placed an order saying she feels great and no longer has that nagging bloating feeling. She feels Skinnier. Healthier. Lighter.

It’s amazing what a good poop does to the soul! 

With that testimonial, I was hooked.


In my inbox this morning, Regular Girl is offering 25% off ALL products only until August 7th. This is the first time I’ve seen them have any kind of sale at all!

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So if the summer grilling of meat, meat and more meat is catching up to you and you’re starting to feel that maternity swimsuit from years back is looking great, give this a try. You can order it here. (my affiliate number is attached to the link) Don’t forget to use Discount code: regularsummer

If you have any questions, please email me or add a comment below. And share this link with your fiber deprived friends too. They’ll secretly thank you for it!

NEXT WEEK we’ll be talking about what’s more important: Exercise or Diet?

Disclaimer: As with most affiliate relationships I do make a small percentage off your sale.