I have yet to meet a woman that doesn’t long for someone ELSE to clean her house, especially a mom unless of course she already has one. And if she does it’s rare that 1.) She’ll have her come more than once every 2 weeks and 2.) She’ll share the name of the coveted person that cleans her home. On the very rare occasion, I’ll meet a mom who’ll sheepishly admits that Greta comes every week “I’ll give you her number if you want BUT I know her schedule is full.”

A housekeeper to me is like “mom crack”.

I just want more!

I need more!

I want it daily!

Dream about it! Fantasize about it!

I have no idea why my demographic of professional 40ish women are becoming one of the biggest heroin users. I’d be saving that dough and pimpin’ out for some Merry Maids!

I’m very fortunate enough that “Sandy” comes every other Friday. (Her name’s been changed to her protection. Her schedule is full anyway.) I love coming home every other Friday to be greeted by the STRONG smell of Murphy’s Oil Soup and see my reflection on everything wood in my home, tiny fingerprints removed. No need to get sentimental here. They return. Those tiny fingerprints always return. On EVERYTHING!

Activities are based around Sandy’s visit.  “Mom can we paint these stones?” If it’s the Thursday before she comes, painting’s a go! If it’s Monday after her visit…. sorry how about next week Wednesday.

Let’s be honest, the clean shimmer only lasts an hour at best once we arrive home. Two if I put their favorite show on TV before they’re even unbuckled. Then as soon as they hear the TV drone they zombie walk to the couch. A friend of mine goes home on her lunch break after Sandy visits her house, to eat in silence with no kids, no hubby, just in a clean space. Ahhhhh! Luxury!

Can you smell it?

So when I read that “Environment and Behavior” published a study this past February that Participants in a chaotic kitchen ATE MORE than a neat kitchen, I knew more of Sandy’s time would be necessary to maintain our family’s health.

Am I Right?

After all we know that weight gain over time can lead to:

Increased blood pressure.

Insulin Resistance.

Sleep disruption (which worsens insulin resistance.)


Joint pain.

The need for new underwear! (Check out this post about my underwear shrinking especially if you don’t have a Sandy nearby).

Since calories like to creep into our life at any given moment, it’s very important to keep them at bay when possible. So what did this study say?

Basically 98 college students were presented 2 different kitchens; one a hot mess with papers stacked everywhere, dishes in the sink, background noise (sound familiar?) and one that was organized and quiet. All were offered cookies, crackers and carrots to taste and rate. Those in the chaotic kitchen ate 103 calories vs 38 calories in the tidy one. 65 calories may not sound like a big savings but this can easily turn into a 6 pound weight gain in a year!!


I like to call this “The Creep!”, when miniscule calories over time land us a few pounds heavier every year until 5 years later you’d give anything to weigh what you did then.

So I’d love to know, when your kitchens a pigsty, do you head for the cookie jar, hit redial for the pizza delivery service or start chopping some veggies? Comment below and don’t forget to signup at KimLeneghan.com and like my Facebook page to get some quick weekly tips with a little humor in your inbox.

Oh and yes, that’s my kitchen. Thank goodness Sandy comes in 2 days!