How Mindfulness Ruined Chocolate

As a Registered Dietitian I’m required to get over 75 units of continued education every 5 years. Like most professions, this usually means dragging my makeup and semi casual, business attire to some fabulous city I’ll never see as I’m cooped up in a too cold, forever...

Death by Chicken Breast

I play an amusing little game with myself when thumbing through magazines at doctor’s appointment that talk about “How to Lose Belly Fat in 10 days” or “See what Ms. Celebrity ate that shed all her baby weight in just 6 weeks.” It usually goes something like this: 6am...

On Diabetes, Smoking and Peep Toe Shoes

Growing up my father would always ask these obscure questions. One of his favorites was “if you had to lose a toe, which toe would it be?” My sister and I would argue about if it was better to forgo “the roast beef toe vs the had none.”My sister being the older, wiser...
Some short but really really tempting headline.

Some short but really really tempting headline.

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